For Sellers

Personal Representation

Selling a business is an important financial decision that requires a professional, and qualified, business broker to help maximize your economic goals.

From our initial evaluation, Compass First positions your business for the best potential return on your investment, in the least amount of time.

Our three-stage approach simplifies the selling process, allowing you more time to focus on the important aspects of day-to-day operations. From contract to closing, we assist you every step of the way.

Contact us today to explore our services, and for a free evaluation of your business.

The Selling Process Phase One: Business Review and Valuation
  • Determine Condition of Equipment and Hard Asset Value
  • Review Company Stability and Financial History
  • Identify Seller Discretionary Earnings
  • Examine Lease Documents and Relation to Market Value
  • Analyze Local Competition and Market Share
  • Relate Findings to Comparable Sales
Phase Two: From Marketing to Contract
  • Workup Primary Buyer Profile and Key Prospects
  • Develop a Targeted Marketing Campaign for Seller Approval
  • Launch Advertising by Internet, Phone, Fliers and Direct Mail
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Require Non-Disclosure Agreements from all Prospects
  • Presentation to Pre-Qualified Buyers
  • Modify Marketing Approach, if Needed
  • Facilitate Negotiations and Present Acceptable Offers
Phase Three: Closing the Deal
  • Execute Purchase Agreement
  • Submit Initial Deposit and Open Escrow
  • Coordinate Due Diligence Timelines and Process
  • Assist Buyer with Financing Sources
  • Confirm Lease Assignment to Buyer
  • Expedite Permit Approvals through Government Agencies
  • Remove Applicable Contingencies
  • Commence Buyer Training
  • Prepare Business for Management Transition
  • Close Escrow and Disburse Funds
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