“I first worked with Matt Olufs while acquiring Milk & Honey. I wanted this location, but ran into a number of roadblocks, including the lease transfer from the Seller, and the upgrade to a new ABC license. Matt was calm and professional through the entire process. He negotiated a below market rent for the space, and then moved a new liquor license into the downtown area for me, with full approval from the local PD. Milk & Honey would not have happened without him, and I will continue my working relationship with Compass for many years to come.” – Alvaro Rojas, Red Star Restaurants
“Matt Olufs has been with me through a number of transactions, from the sale of a business and the purchase of my first nightclub, to the transfer of several ABC Licenses, Lease Negotiations, and Dance Permit Hearings. Through all of these dealings, Compass First has shown themselves to be educated in today’s marketplace and diligent in completing each process, with my interests always at heart.” – Mark Lawrence, Tonic Nightclub, Blush Restaurant & Lounge
“We were thinking about putting our building on the market, and reached out to Compass First for some guidance. Matt Olufs put together a comprehensive valuation of our property, mapping out a realistic range of what we could expect to see in offers. Like the other transactions he helped us complete (ABC Transfers, Lease Negotiations, Business Sales) he came to the table well informed and offered us valuable industry information, ultimately leading us to a better decision.” – Lisa Lee, China Pavilion, Honhai, Inc.
“We found a business that would support our family, and hired Compass First to complete the transaction. During the due diligence process, I was amazed at the amount of time and effort the Compass team put into a full financial audit of the business books, as well as the proposed lease terms. After finding numerous discrepancies, I was thankful this was not something that we had moved forward with, and Matt Olufs proved that he is here to help us find a business that will work for us, now and for the future.” – Greg Andreoli, formerly Boars Head, Inc.
“While renovating our bar, we contacted Compass First to help us through the Health and City Planning Departments. Matt worked through several plan revisions, and took care of the details each step of the way, so that we could stay focused on our big picture plans. We reopened without a hitch, to strong relationships with Environmental Health and The City of Santa Barbara.” – Bill Clayton, Pour House, Inc.