ABC Licensing

The Lure of the Liquor License

A liquor license provides an attractive addition to many small business owners, offering higher profit margins, simpler business models, and of course happier customers.

Before you can take advantage of these “liquid profits”, however, you need to comply with the laws and regulations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control. These laws can vary between businesses, depending on the concentration of ABC licenses in your area, relationship with local law enforcement, and the type of operating concept in place.

Time is of the essence in these transactions, and the approval process involves many detailed code requirements and potential pitfalls.

As experienced permit expeditors, Compass First identifies and addresses potential issues before they become a problem, sidestepping the many hurdles that typically overwhelm applicants and slow this process down.

Contact us today for assistance with:
  • Selling your existing license
  • Buying an existing license
  • Location Inspections and Site Approval
  • Original License Applications – Direct to ABC
  • License Purchases and Contract Negotiations
  • Escrow Coordination and Process
  • License Upgrades and Condition Modifications
  • Corporate Stock Transfers
  • Patio and Premises Expansions
  • Settling Tax Liens
  • Protest / Dispute Resolutions with Neighbors and Law Enforcement
Common ABC License Types:

Type 48 – Full liquor (no food requirement)

Type 47 – Full liquor (with kitchen)

Type 41 – Beer and Wine (with kitchen)

Type 42 – Beer and Wine (no food requirement)

Type 40 – Beer only (on-sale)

Type 58 – Catering License